10 Thoughts To Take Into 2021

Now more than ever, as we've approached a new (and hopefully better) year, I try to be mindful of how I spend my free time & try to take in as much knowledge and practical info from every aspect.  Whether it be from a book, documentary, music or podcast through to social media, lately I’ve been jotting down the noteworthy points that resonate with me and are food for thought.     

Here is my take on thought provoking points and concepts I've come across this year that I want to share and take forward into 2021. An uncertain time we're all striving to be bigger & better in the midst of the chaos... 

  1. Time is quite literally money. Our time has value to advertisers, influencers & data analytics but it should also have value to us individually and not be given away too cheaply. Time is unquestionably the most important currency you have. Who and what we decide to spend it on determines who profits from it. So spend it on yourself; your mind, your health, your education, your future & relationships. Meaning you will reap the profit. 
  1. Stop avoiding difficult situations and confrontation. Face the inevitable and have the difficult conversations. Avoiding the short-term discomfort of having these uncomfortable moments only leads to long term discomfort and a bigger problem which is likely to spiral. 
  1. We are the company we keep, choose it wisely. Spending time around negative people inevitably results in us absorbing and adopting their negative traits and outlook. Spending time with positive, motivated likeminded people results in the flourishing of positivity and motivation. Be mindful of smaller situations too. You may not like to gossip but if you spend time with gossipy people you inevitably start to gossip yourself, sometimes without realising so. 
  1. You can predict the long-term health of any relationship by whether each hurdle and cut heals to 99% or 101%. Whether the mistakes, failures, setbacks or arguments leave you weaker or stronger. If you come out stronger, you’re more likely to have a solid foundation within your relationship. Come out weaker and the relationship is more likely to slowly fail.
  1. Deadlines are just as important as the task at hand. If you give yourself 30 days to clear a spare room it will take 30 days. If you give yourself 3 hours it will take 3 hours & the same applies for anything in life. The longer time you allow, the longer your ambitions will take. Live urgently.  

“Every great entrepreneur and creator is tormented by the scarcity of time”

  1. Consistency is often more important than intensity. Intensity is running a marathon once; consistency is not missing a workout for two years. Which is more beneficial? In truth intensity often hurts your chances of sustainable consistency, whether it is a fad diet or quick fix scenario, most of which prove to be counterproductive. Aim for consistency not intensity.  
  1. There are 4 types of wealth 
  1. Social Wealth (status) 
  1. Financial wealth (money)  
  1. Time wealth (freedom) 
  1. Physical wealth (health)
    • Be mindful of jobs which lure you in with 1 & 2 but rob you of 3 & 4  
  1. The company you keep should add value to your life. Think of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Now rate them on a scale of 1 – 10 in terms of positivity and value/happiness they bring to your life. Anyone who rates below a 5 you should really be spending less time with. Even if it’s a family member or your oldest friend. Looping back to point 3, we are the company we keep.  
  1. Take full responsibility of every aspect of your life. We are in full control of the thoughts we think, the images we visualise and the actions we take. For example, a negative situation may be out of our control, however how we process and react to the situation is completely within our control and our responsibility to deal with in a productive efficient way. Replace complaints with solutions.  
  1. Jack Canfield’s book states that “Everything you experience today is the result of the choices you made in the past” – Similarly to the butterfly effect. All of our thoughts and actions need to be intentional and aligned with your goal’s values and purpose.  It’s about building up small habits that long term get you closer to where you want to be.  


& that concludes our Ted Talk…

We don't claim to be a life coach or shining examples but have found these points pretty useful & hopefully others will too.


Muse Team x 

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