No Heat Hairstyles


Even though our natural instinct is to head straight to the hair dryer, lets face it our hair needs a break every now and again to recover. No heat hairstyles are not only on trend at the moment but also a perfect way to give your hair some TLC and styling rest. Here are our faves...
Clipped Up
This cute, quick and super easy up-do is the perfect look for summer. All you need is a claw clip, twist clip and you're good to go, simple as that!
Beachy Waves
Want beach waves without going to the beach? Grab some sea salt spray, apply to wet/damp hair, plait your hair overnight and wake up to the ultimate beach waves with zero effort in the morning.
Half Up Half Down
Using a hair tie or claw clip, part half or a portion of your hair and either tie it in a ponytail or clasp together with your clip and eh voila! Tip: start from just above the ears parting upwards for an elevated look. Effortless and sophisticated.
Messy Low Bun
Probably the most straightforward hair style, get yourself your favourite scrunchie or hair tie, put your hair into a low bun without much effort allowing some hair to stray. Giving you messy, ‘I woke up like this’ effortlessness.
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