Post Lockdown Style Breakdown

With the 21st June creeping up on us (inner happy dance), we're all starting to plan our post lockdown outfits now that loungewear & rotational p.j's may no longer be acceptable. We've put together some simple moodboards to keep you covered for the key post lockdown occasions... 
Date Night
Good food, good drinks & good company. Ah how we've missed dressing up to be wined and dined...
We Recommend: Gold accessories & floaty effortless (but deffo not effortless) hair. If in doubt, dress up, not down.
Back To The Office
Even if for only a few days a week, many of us will soon be back in some form of workplace which means no more lounging in pj's until 3pm.
We Recommend: Oversized blazers which can be styled a million ways for every occasion. A pair of staple black 'I mean business boots'. A handbag cleanse/clear out... trust me this works!
A Night 'Out Out'
The long awaited post 10pm night out out - can we even hack those anymore? Better believe we will try!
We Recommend: Silky slip dresses and an extra large rosè

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