Self Care Tips to Process Leaving Lockdown

With lockdown slowly coming to an end (hallelujah) and June 21st looming, life before COVID may feel like an anomalyEven though this is an exciting time for the majorityat the same time there are some of us who may feel slightly uncertain on how to return to normality’ - whatever this is going to look like. We have put together some self-care tips to ensure looking after yourself is the number one priority. 
Take it at your own pace 
Things like shops, cinemas, restaurants and bars are beginning to open up and numerous people are booking months in advance for a bottomless brunch on a Saturday, this doesn’t mean you have to do the same. If you don’t feel ready, that’s fine. Take it at your own pace and don’t push yourself. We have been in the comfort of our own homes for almost a year, so no one can blame you for not wanting to jump straight in the deep end.  
See your friends and family 
Social distancing has been at the forefront of nearly all conversations for well over a year now and zoom calls have become the new norm replacing coffee catchups. The thought of being able to finally see loved ones again (outside of a screen) is bloody amazing.  The absence of physical contact and face to face socialising makes us realise how important our connections are with friends and family. As human beings we’re wired to need interaction, to socialise, to laugh together, cry together and even drink copious bottles of wine together. Socialising really is vital for our well-being. So see your loved ones, hug them and be thankful (truth is, they probably need it just as much as you do!). 
Listen to your mental and physical health 
The past year and a half have been unlike anything many of us have ever experienced and although it feels almost human nature for us to adapt to situations and just cope, it is also ok if you’re not coping. Pretending to be fine because everyone around you seems ok is not the answer, and to be honest, it’s likely others around you are also struggling. Listen to what you need, speak out if you need help and take care of yourself. Everyone has likely had a unique experience throughout the pandemic and there is no right or wrong way to be feeling. Go at your own pace.  

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